Name of Company :

MASTER Cutlery Corporation

Address of Office : Sharp House, 23-14 Natsumi 4-chome, Funabashi, Chiba, 273-0865, Japan
Tel : 047-422-2960
Fax : 047-422-0299
E-mail :
Established : April, 1985 and incorporated in Sept., 1988
Capital : Yen 17,200,000-
Representative : Minoru Tsuchida, Managing Director

Number of Staffs &

7 persons
Scope of Business : Manufacturing, Export and Import for the following items
* Household Metalware in general
* Metal Cutlery and Flatware and related items
Business Activity : 
1. Commenced trading under the name of Master Cutlery Corporation(Private Ownership), April in1985 with an objective to supply metal flatware, cutlery and kitchen ware to IKEA, the worldwide famous Swedish furniture retailer.
2. To expand the sales activity we started to participate to Frankfurt Fair (Ambiente) for the first time in Spring, 1988.
3. Altered the company standing to incorporated form under the same name in Sept., 1988.
4. Participated to Frankfurt Fair (Ambiente) continuously every year since 1989 and commenced the intensive and worldwide marketing of "GLOBAL" knives & accessories.
5. Increased the Capital to Yen 17,200,000.- in March, 1995
6. Continuing to participate to Frankfurt fair (Ambiente) upto the present stage.   In its result we appoints now our agents in 35 countries for "GLOBAL" knives and accessories.
7. Developed our own brand of "MINOSHARP" Ceramic water sharpener in 2000, and got "F O R M" Award in February, 2000.
8. 2002 in June, we got another Award "HOUSEWARES INDUSTRY" in England also "EXCLLENCE IN HOUSEWARE" Award in Novmeber.
9. Developed MINOSHARP Professional Knife Sharpening Kit in 2003
CUSTOMERS : Agents in 35 countries who cover 95 countries & areas:
Representing firms:
(Abroad)  4 Homes FZ Co., Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A.L. & C.D. ASHLEY (PTY) Ltd, South Africa
BROWNE & Co., Ltd., Toronto, Canada
D. Lublinsky & Son, Tel-aviv, Israel
Exclusivas SAIGON S/L, Barcelona, Spain
I. Grunwerg Limited, Sheffield, U.K.
IDEE-EXCLUSIV. Pfurtscheller GmbH, Austria
IDEE-EXCLUSIV. Manfred Pfurtscheller, Germany
J.A. SUNDQVIST AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
LA CUCINA Import Benelux BV., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
MATFER & Cie S.A., France
Rosendahl Design Group A/S, Denmark
Schoenhuber Franchi S.P.A., Italy
Sheldon & Hammond Pty. Ltd., Australia
SOINTU USA Incorporated, New York , USA
TROPICAL Touch Pte. Ltd, Singapore
YALCO Socrates D. Constantinou & Son S.A, Athens, Greece
& other agents in 20 countries.
(Domestic)  Japan Metal Tableware Co., Ltd., Niigata, Japan
Kasahara Press Ind. Co., Ltd., Niigata, Japan
KATAOKA Seisakusho Co., Ltd., Niigata, Japan
Sanyu Printing Co., Ltd., Niigata, Japan
Yoshida Metal Industry Co., Ltd., Niigata, Japan
Banker :  The Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Kyobashi Branch, Tokyo
Account No.0001-024-0126265

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