"GLOBAL" basic model for kitchen knives assuring sharp, light, and clean use covering 43 items, in standard sizes.

  Supplementary items to G-series, small sized knives covering 27 items, elegant triangle model.

  Same as G-Series but heavy duty, as blades are drop forged, covering 11 knives (suitable professional chefs' use).

  Supplementary items to G/GF series, small sized knives covering 13 items.

  Spatulas, turners, bone tweezers, table cutleries, magnet racks, knife blocks, knife cases, etc.

  Knife storage and Magnetic knife racks, wall fitting.

  Manufactured from heavy duty denier nylon.

  Typical Japanese professional kitchen knives with wooden handle, suitable for cutting & slicing fish/meat and cutting & peeling vegetable and fruits.   One side ground blade is most appropriate for cutting and slicing fishes.