The Global products guarantee covers any defect in material or workmanship.    This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the damaged item in question.

We, Master Cutlery Corporation are happy to inspect and to judge whether products are defective in materials, construction or craftsmanship and to repair or replace if concluded as defective.

The following procedures and conditions should be adhered to by the purchaser. These are designed to assist in distinguishing genuine Global products from any counterfeit products.


1. Please obtain and keep all receipts relating to your purchase of Global products.

Take your receipt with the suspected faulty product back to the shop/store from where it was purchased.

3. There are also serial numbers on the packaging of each Global knife.   This number can be registered with Master Cutlery.   Take the faulty product back to the shop/store from where it was purchased, along with the serial number for identification.
4. If the shop/store from where you purchased the Global product does not exist any more, nor accept your complaint, please contact our distributor in your country.


(1) Damage caused from misuse, improper use or accident:

  • Misuse – cutting hard substances such as frozen foods, bones, hard nuts, hard cheese etc...
  • Improper use – using item as a screwdriver, can or bottle opener etc…
  • Accident – dropping knife on the floor or hitting against other hard surfaces.

(2) Rust and discoloration stemming from inadequate after care.

Tips for proper after care

  • Please do not leave food residues on the knife. After use, wash immediately in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. The acid and/ or fat and moisture of food residues can cause rust and discoloration to the knife.
  • Please do not put Global knives in a dishwashing machine. The harsh environment during a wash cycle will harm the knife and in turn, cause corrosion.
  • Always store Global knives in a dry atmosphere. It is recommended to store Global knives either in a Global knife block or on a magnetic knife rack.
  • Please use Rust Remover like our G-477 to remove rust if arises.

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